How do I store fudge?

Simply stated, fudge is like bread. If you leave it out in the air, it will dry out.

Fudge is best stored at room temperature in an airtight container. We strongly suggest immediately upon receiving your treats, transfer to an airtight container. This will preserve freshness the longest. Fudge does not have to be kept in the fridge (unless you enjoy your fudge cold)!

At a minimum, keep your fudge wrapped in plastic or a ziplock baggie. Ziplock baggies tend to keep your fudge more moist or even mushy if you prefer! If the fudge gets too moist or mushy for you, just unwrap it and leave it out for a few hours, it will get firmer and drier.

Can I freeze fudge?

If you want to keep your fudge fresh to give to someone as a gift, and that friend will not be with you for a week or so, consider wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap and freezing it in zip lock freezer bags for the time being. 

To thaw fudge, you should let it stay wrapped and thaw it in the refrigerator slowly.  That way the condensation will be less likely to form on the fudge.  However, we have had customers say that they just take it out and let it sit unwrapped on the counter, and it tastes just as good as the day they bought it!

What can I do if my fudge dries out?

Leftover fudge that may have dried out may be used in recipes.  We have had customers tell us that they threw in a slice of fudge that was cut into bite sized pieces because they did not have any chocolate chips in the cupboard.